Adrian M. Pruett

[email protected]

IA600 Director of Photography


Adrian began taking photos at the age of 13 and shot his first feature length movie at the age of 16 on VHS. Six years after completing film school he joined IATSE 600 as a Director of Photography with a dozen multi-million dollar television projects under his belt. After shooting an HBO series for director Rob Cohen in 2013 (Fast and Furious, XxX) Adrian transitioned into commercial and narrative filmmaking, lensing commercials for Anheuser-Busch, Jeep, GMC, in additional to short, feature, and scripted television projects including shooting for DP Mike Pepin on CBS's hit series  'Life in Pieces'. 

His work has appeared on HBO, CBS, ABC, FOX, Sundance Channel, National Geographic, MTV and many more outlets. The 2017 feature film Holden On which he shot won Audience Awards at both the 2017 Atlanta Film Festivals and the Dances With Films Festival.


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